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Feedly contacted us in April to work on a really exciting project. Rethink the side navigation experience of the desktop application and design a dark theme.

Some of the Feedly lab users feedback

From the user feedback analysis we found out that the most common comment was about the difficulty to add content easily. To address this we explored different options to make it more prominent.

Blueprint visual of the first layout exploration

Layout exploration 01

Blueprint visual of the second layout exploration

Layout exploration 02

Blueprint visual of the third layout exploration

Layout exploration 03

We presented the 3 explorations to Feedly team and during a constructive meeting another option was brought up:  What about having an additional bar on the left.

Blueprint visual of the third layout exploration

Selected layout

With the new layout validated I had full creative license to make it cleaner while maintaining a consistency with the existing design language. We played with the paddings and tweaked the colours to offer a more subtle and minimal visual appearance.

The new design had to offer more than pretty pixels put together. One of the reason why this project was initiated was to bring the navigation up to the level of technology used elsewhere on the platform: React Native. That gave the opportunity to design awesome functionalities requested by the users, such as: inline renaming, drag and drop to reorganise, right click to interact.

Add content interactions

Right click interactions

Right Click interactions

Pin or unpin interactions

Inline renaming interactions

Drag and drop


Some of the tooltips

While we were redesigning the side navigation Edwin asked me if we were interested in exploring a dark mode. Of course we were. As black theme users ourselves it was a huge opportunity to make Feedly better for us.

Dark theme